Other Services

At Tunji-Lesi CPA, LLC, we focus on serving the accounting, budgeting, tax and financial management needs of our diverse clientele. We believe that, sound accounting is the bedrock of successful businesses. With sound analysis and projections of financial statements, we can help you to develop financial tools that can be helpful in understanding your operations.

Debt Management Services

Many Americans are feeling the pain of large credit card or student loan balances, or are dealing with high mortgage-related or medical expenses, and can’t see a way to resolve them. At Tunji-Lesi CPA, LLC, we offer complete and responsive debt management services, including installment debt consolidation, refinancing, and repackaging. We provide sensible and sensitive budgeting and planning assistance, working with you to design an achievable road-map to a debt free future.

Lease Financing Consult

Lease financing is one of the important funding resources to small, medium and large enterprises. We can help with lease financing structures that are appropriate to your business.